Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Favorite Muppets: A Tribute to the Most Creative Show Ever!

Here are my favorite muppets, in no particular order:

2. Swedish Chef (Bork, bork, bork!)
8. Waldorf (The old dude in the balcony)
7. Statler (The other old dude in the balcony)
10. Lewis Kezagger (The sportscaster)
4. Sam the American Eagle (He's just a good bird)
6. Dr. Teeth (the keyboardist and bandleader of the Electric Mayhem)
3. Kermit (Gotta give props to the top frog in the land.)
9. Flying Zucchini Brothers (Ok, so this is more than one character... but man they could do some acrobatic stuff!)
5. Rowlf (The dog that tickles the ivories)
1. Animal (That boy can play the drums! Click that link to instantly put a smile on your face!)

I'm not sure what happened to creative endeavors like the Muppet Show, but apparently everything today is either computer generated or canned comedy. Lame!

Bring back the Muppet Show! It's the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational... ok, I'll stop.

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