Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Athletes Not Immune to Airline Accidents

Check out this list of athletes' deaths by airplane. I find this list to be quite amazing because we (the general public) tend to elevate athletes and coaches to practically immortal status and consider them as invincible. But accidental death can strike at any moment, even for this segment of the population who are generally in extraordinary physical shape. Makes you wonder if perhaps John Madden isn't too crazy for opting to ride in a motorhome between games.

At any rate, kudos to (ironic name in this situation, perhaps), for printing this list and allowing us to remember the tragedies of days gone by involving athletes being killed in plane crashes. It's a sad and scary fact of life that these accidents can happen, even to sports idols. Let's just hope we don't see this again any time soon.

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ChefMikeD said...

Well, thanks for making my day that much better.
You tend to forget things of this nature due to the fact that it is out of sight, therefore, out of mind.

Things like the "We Are Marshall" movie brings back horrific detail of that situation.

Live life the way you want at all times, not the way someone else has it scripted.