Friday, December 5, 2008

Target Kicks It Up a Notch

I must say that I'm thrilled to report that Target made me smile today.

Big sale?


Free giveaways?


Product placement innovation?


"Huh?"... you must be saying.

Well let's put it like this. Every store selling shoes that I've ever been to has always had their large sizes stuck in a corner or way at the bottom of the rack. By placing their larger sizes at the top of the racks, Target finally got it right (or perhaps they've had it this way for a while and I never noticed). Let's face facts here, people looking for bigger shoes tend to be taller. And taller people tend to be adept at reaching things in higher places. Putting larger sized shoes on the bottom of the shelf, therefore, makes no sense. Fortunately, Target figured out this little nuance of human nature, unlike most other stores.

Unfortunately, they still didn't have my size.

Guess they're off target with getting shoes bigger than size 13.

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