Thursday, March 13, 2008

Philly vs. AC: Who wins the gambling battle?

A lot has been made in recent months about how the introduction of legalized gambling in Pennsylvania has put a damper on the "winnings" of the Atlantic City casinos. The reports are out there about how the recent months represent the first time in the history of legalized gambling in Atlantic City that the gambling empire there has not made more money in the comparable period last year. But my sense is that this won't last for an extended period of time.

To me, the slots machines are just the sideshow when it comes to the potential that AC has in its future. Sure Philly and the Poconos and other random places throughout Pennsylvania will have slot machines, but no place in Pennsylvania can compare with what Atlantic City has to offer... a growing resort for vacationers.

In AC there are dozens of hotels of varying quality and price, there's a variety of game tables, there's the beach, a growing outlet mall, themed buildings that are popping up left and right, celebrity sightings, heck, even a wind farm. Where can you find all that in just a few square miles in Pennsylvania? Nowhere.

If AC plays its cards right (yeah, I just had to say that), it will definitely win this game in the long run.

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