Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Giving Praise Where Sprays Won't Do

I preface by saying I love my cat. She's a friendly, funny, and obedient cat, all things considered. However, she's had her moments of eliminating liquids on various spots of the carpet in various areas of the house. I don't know why she does this, but my wife and I have just come to expect it, despite taking various precautions.

Over the past couple of years that my cat has decided to make the carpet her occasional litter box, I've tried countless products to try and get rid of that lovely pee smell. Urine, in case you forgot, does not just magically lose its smell as time goes on. It tends to foment.

I can't even remember all of the carpet cleaning products I've used to try and counteract that pungent urine odor, but I'll try to name some of the few that come to mind that basically just covered up the smell for a while but didn't do anything in the long run:

-Woolite spray
-Some kind of oxy powder in a big white tub
-Stanley Steemer stain remover (although Stanley Steemer did have another spray that seemed to work but you basically have to soak the carpet to get it to work and I don't think it's a cheap solution)
-And the list goes on, but I can't recall the products' names at this time

So after my cat's latest urination episode this past weekend I went to Target in desperation to try and get the smell out of the carpet. I picked up Arm & Hammer's Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator powder. I brought it back. I followed the instructions of sprinkling on the carpet, letting it sit and vaccuuming it up.

It worked.

It actually worked!

I must say that I'm still shocked that the smell hasn't returned, but I kid you not when I put my nose to the carpet and I don't smell the cat pee anymore.

Granted this is a one-time success story, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work in future instances here and in your house, if you have the same problem.

I'd be interested in hearing your success and failure stories in cleaning up pet odors. (Just in case the smell does come back!)

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