Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not Exactly Bad Newz, But Not Exactly Good Newz Either

What with dog kennels being in the news (or perhaps it should be "newz") a lot lately, I thought I'd throw down this post about a small dog kennel that I can see from across where I work.

I work in a rural area and across the street from our office is a farm that owns hundreds of acres of land, including acres and acres of grapes for winemaking, and a field that used to be home to a mule. On the corner of this field is a row of about four or five kennel cages, each with a dog that's kept inside. Now, to my knowledge, this field is not used for anything in particular, as there are no rows of plants and there is never any activity on it. So my silly question for the day is, why not let the dogs out on this field? At the very least, put them on a leash and attach it to a line so they can at least run around for a spell of time.

I realize that dogs feel at home in a kennel, but it definitely bugs me to see the dogs cooped up in there for long periods of time, just idly barking and jumping around. If you've got the space, let 'em roam!

Ok, that's my rant for the day. I know it won't do much of anything, and I realize it's not exactly "bad newz", but hey it's my blog and I can bark up whatever tree I want to. Thank you.

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