Thursday, April 19, 2007

An Uplifting Note from a College Campus

In light of recent events on college campus, I'd like to turn something that's positive. In the February '07 edition of College Planning & Management (, I caught a small snippet about the College of the Atlantic in Maine. I was really impressed by what they're doing. Just
reading the College's About Us page ( is
interesting and inspiring. Follow the link to take a gander, won't you?

But anyway, going back to the article, it states that the college has been designated as a "net zero" campus for greenhouse gas emissions-- the first in the USA. Essentially, the college has pledged to "avoid, reduce, or offset all contributions to global warming that are associated with any of the college's activities,
including travel to and from campus. All of the school's annual emissions, including electricity, heating, and commuting, will be offset by funds to be invested in projects that reduce the college's greenhouse gasemissions to 'net zero.'"

This, to me, is what college is all about. Being innovative, progressive, and challenging its students and faculty to step up to the next level. It's clearly not
your typical educational institution.

I thank them for stepping up to the plate in dealing with this scary issue of global
warming, and also for educating its students in a unique and positive

This is a college scenario that I wouldn't mind seeing copycatted.

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