Saturday, March 24, 2007

Money Does Grow on Trees

I recently became a first-time homebuyer of a house with a cozy little townhouse complete with a mini-backyard. The innards of the house are coming along and shaping up nicely. A few odds and ends need doing, but overall, everything is settled.

The backyard, however, is a bit of a disaster. I've got some overgrown bushes and trees that take up too much space for the small area and other than that, just a spread of patchy grass covers the rest of the ground. Pretty basic and uninspiring, really.

As a nature lover, I relish the idea of planting a more engaging yard, but I have no real experience of ever doing this. It's somewhat intimidating when I go on different sites and/or listen to pros tell me the steps and upkeep of planting a garden.

But just when I start to think about ditching my goal of planting a garden, I start getting bombarded with catalogs in the mail. Gardening catalogs with bright, exciting flowers, luscious green plants, and eye-pleasing formations just so happen to find their way into my hands. And my brain.

All of a sudden I'm looking at these catalogs thinking-- yeah, I can do this. And the prices are reasonable, only a few bucks for a packet of seeds, a few more bucks for a delivered plant, and a few more bucks for the tools of maintaining a garden. These catalogs are marketing miracles! I'd be a fool not to start a garden, right?

Well, whether or not I forge ahead and build this backyard bonanza remains to be seen. But it's plain to see that money really does grow on trees... if you happen to be a plant catalog producer...

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