Wednesday, February 7, 2007

TV Commercials for TVs

So the Super Bowl commercials made quite a buzz this year, once again, and once again the Super Bowl commercials where rather underwhelming in my book. But that's not what I'm here to ramble about. I'm here to talk about TV commercials. As in commercials for new TVs.

Every time I see a commercial for new TVs, I have to laugh.

If I'm sitting at home watching a TV commercial on my 26", fuzzy but functional TV, and I see a commercial for the latest in a long line of plasma, HD, LCD, DLP, ABC, whatever TVs, and the narrator in the commercial is crowing about the crystal clear clarity of the picture, but all I see is a fuzzy but functional version of it on my set... why would I want to buy a new TV?

Worse yet, what if I'm watching that same commercial on a black and white 13" screen TV?

In other words, the TV in the commercial can present the new-fangled product as having the sharpest picture imaginable, but it will only be as sharp as I can see it on my current TV. Thus, the whole persuasive argument is lost in translation.

Now pardon me while I go adjust the bunny ears...

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