Saturday, November 18, 2006

Minor victory of the day

As we men get older, hair tends to recede from some territories and conquer new territories. As one's scalp becomes a prime terrain for skin to take over where hair once used to dominate, other landscapes find hair overtaking the prominence of skin. This tends to be a downward process as the years add up, so perhaps it's gravity related.

At any rate, today I had a minor victory of man vs. hair. As I was scratching my left ear, I felt some fuzz and a long hair or two poking out from that weird little ridge where the earlobe starts. A similar pattern had taken shape on my right ear.

Fortunately, I had my mini- Swiss Army knife with those tiny scissors handy, so I went to battle.

I gently pinched the long hairs between my fingers and snipped away at the base of the hairs. I managed to do this without the benefit of a mirror, or without the result of blood gushing from a skin gash. To me this is a minor victory, even though I know these hairs will return in due time.

Sometimes these minor accomplishments are what keep me going through the day. After starting the day by cleaning up my cat's urine and spit-up, I'll take this minor victory and celebrate. It's the simple joys in life that keep me happy.

If you have any minory victory stories, please share. I'm all ears.

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